Anime & Manga News Archive: Oct 30-Nov 5, 2023

Anime & Manga News Archive

This is the Anime & Manga news delivered for the period of Oct 30-Nov 5, 2023.

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Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTER has a different ending than the manga?

Hajime Isayama's comment
Hajime Isayama’s comment ©諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」The Final Season製作委員会

On November 4th, Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTER is to air for 85 minutes, heading towards its conclusion. The original manga artist, Hajime Isayama, commented, “At my request, I’ve slightly redrawn the last storyboard for this occasion.” Those who have read the manga should definitely check out the differences in the ending.

New visual for the movie SPY×FAMILY CODE: White has been released

Spy × Family Code: White
Spy × Family Code: White © 2023「劇場版 SPY×FAMILY」製作委員会 © 遠藤達哉/集英社

A new key visual for SPY×FAMILY CODE: White, set to be released on December 22nd, has been unveiled. It’s exciting to see a completely new story that isn’t even available in the manga.

The sequel to the manga Chihayafuru will start serialization in December

Chihayafuru Plus: Kimi ga Tame (Chihayafuru Plus: For Your Sake)
Chihayafuru Plus: Kimi ga Tame (Chihayafuru Plus: For Your Sake) © 2008-2023 Kodansha Ltd.

The manga Chihayafuru, which impressively concluded with its 50th volume in 2022, has surprisingly announced a continuation. Titled Chihayafuru Plus: Kimi ga Tame (Chihayafuru Plus: For Your Sake), it will start in the January 2024 issue of BE・LOVE released on December 1st. The story will focus on the high school karuta club after Chihaya and the others have graduated.

Demon Slayer: Promotion Reel 2024 to be released on December 10

Demon Slayer Promotion Reel 2024
Demon Slayer Promotion Reel 2024 ©吾峠呼世晴/集英社・アニプレックス・ufotable

The latest information-packed movie for the anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, titled Promotion Reel 2024, will be released on December 10th. Fans are looking forward to details on the much-anticipated Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 4 – Hashira Training Arc.

Key visual for Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Season 2 has been released

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Season 2
Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki Season 2 ©屋久ユウキ・小学館/「弱キャラ友崎くん2」製作委員会

A key visual for the second season of the slice-of-life romantic comedy anime Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki, starting in January 2024, has been unveiled.

The final trailer for Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTER has been released

Attack on Titan Final Season THE FINAL CHAPTER will have a 85-minute special broadcast on November 4th. Moreover, following the final episode’s airing, there’s a confirmed world-collaborative launch event, the first of its kind in anime history. The Attack on Titan: Worldwide After Party will be held from November 5th to 8th.

Details about Attack on Titan: Worldwide After Party:

The first promotional video for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie – Walpurgisnacht: Rising has been released

Scheduled for release in Winter 2024, the first teaser for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie – Walpurgisnacht: Rising is now available. Fans are undoubtedly eagerly anticipating this legitimate sequel to the beloved Puella Magi Madoka Magica series.

A sequel to the final chapter of the manga Dr. Stone is set to be released soon

Dr. Stone Vol. 26
Dr. Stone Vol. 26

While Dr. Stone concluded in March 2022, it has been announced that a sequel to its final chapter will be featured in the Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 49, releasing on November 6th. This isn’t just a spin-off, but a full-fledged sequel that will span three chapters. It’s quite a delightful surprise that we’re getting an official continuation of Dr. Stone.

A new spin-off of Teasing Master Takagi-san has begun serialization.

Teasing Master (?) Nishikata-san
Teasing Master (?) Nishikata-san © Shogakukan inc.

A new spin-off series Teasing Master (?) Nishikata-san is slated for a 10-chapter serialization starting from the December issue of Monthly Shonen Sunday. There’s already a spin-off titled Teasing Master (Former) Takagi-san which began in 2017, illustrating the lives of the two main characters as adults. Teasing Master (?) Nishikata-san is believed to narrate the story of Takagi and Nishikata’s grown-up daughter, as portrayed in Teasing Master (Former) Takagi-san.


+ Latest Updates on New Anime:

  • The movie Dead Dead Demon’s Dededede Destruction will be released as a two-part series in spring 2024.
  • TV anime Jellyfish Can’t Swim in the Night has been confirmed for broadcast starting April 2024.
  • TV anime Mysterious Disappearances will start broadcasting in April 2024.
  • TV anime Dekisokonai to Yobareta Moto Eiyu wa, Jikka Kara Tsuihsareta node Suki Katte ni Ikiru Koto ni Shita has been confirmed for broadcast in 2024.

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