Where Does Haikyu!! Anime End in Manga?

Haikyu!! Final

Weekly Shonen Jump, the most popular Japanese manga magazines, has released some sports themed masterpieces with renowned manga artists in the past. What is the most outstanding in this decade is Haikyu!!. The manga and its anime adaptation presents a coming-of-age story of high school volleyball players including Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama.

The manga series of Haikyu!! staring in 2012 just came to the end in 2020 while the anime series has not been completed yet. The first season of the anime series was made by Production I.G in 2015, followed by the second season 2015-2016. The third season titled Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy was broadcast in 2016 and the fourth season titled Haikyu!! To The Top in 2020. In addition to the 85 episodes in the four seasons, there are two OVA adaptations based on the manga series story: “Land vs. Sky” and “The Path of the Ball” in 2020.

Finally, it has been announced that two new anime movies will adapt the rest of the story as Haikyu!! Final in the future. However, you may not be able to wait until the anime is concluded.

For those who have watched all the existing episodes in the Haikyu!! anime series and want to enjoy the following story after the anime finishes, I’d like to introduce where the Haikyu!! anime ends in the manga. So that you can understand which volume to read the manga series to enjoy the sequel to the anime series.

Let’s go ahead of the anime series a little earlier!

(Photo on top: ©「ハイキュー‼」製作委員会 ©古舘春一/集英社)

How many volumes does Haikyu!! have?

Written by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyu!! started its publication on Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012 and reached the successful end in July, 2020. It is composed of 45 volumes totally. Of course, you can binge-read the manga series in English now.

What chapter does the Haikyu!! anime end on?

Haikyu!! To The Top, the fourth season of the anime series, finishes with Episode 25 “The Promised Land”, which coincides with Volume 33 Chapter 292 “The Same Old Night Never Comes Again” in the manga series. To enjoy the next story, you can re-start with Volume 33 Chapter 293 “Promised Land”.

Haikyu!!, Vol. 33
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 33△

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There are several anime series seasons and OVA episodes in Haikyu!!. To get organized, check the Haikyu!! manga/anime correspondence table below:

Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 8 Chapter 71
Season 2: From Volume 8 Chapter 71 to Volume 17 Chapter 149
Season 3: From Volume 17 Chapter 150 to Volume 21 Chapter 190 (+ Volume 23 Chapter 207)
OVA “Land VS Air”: From Volume 21 Chapter 190 to Volume 22 Chapter 199
OVA “The Path of the Ball”: From Volume 22 Chapter 198 to Volume 23 Chapter 206
Season 4: From Volume 23 Chapter 207 to Volume 33 Chapter 292
Movies (Haikyu!! Final): From Volume 33 Chapter 293

The fourth season enters Tokyo Nationals Arc while the two OVA episodes cover the rest of the Spring High Preliminary Arc episodes following the third season. The upcoming final anime movies will depict The Dumpster Battle Arc, which is named after Karasuno and Nekoma. The “Karasu” of Karasuno means crow while the “Neko” of Nekoma describes cat.

It’s highly recommended to buy this Haikyu!! manga set Volume 31-40 at a discount rate! You can enjoy reviewing the latest anime series from Volume 31 to 32 and exploring the next episodes from Volume 33 onwards!

Haikyu!! Manga Set Volume 31-40
Haikyu!! Manga Set Volume 31-40

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All of the volumes have been already translated into English, so you can complete the original story to the end right away!

Haikyu!!, Vol. 33
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 33△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 34
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 34△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 35
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 35△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 36
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 36△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 37
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 37△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 38
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 38△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 39
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 39△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 40
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 40△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 41
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 41△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 42
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 42△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 43
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 43△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 44
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 44△
Haikyu!!, Vol. 45
△Haikyu!!, Vol. 45△

When will Haikyu!! Final be released?

Haikyu!! Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump
Haikyu!! Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump ©2024「ハイキュー‼」製作委員会 ©古舘春一/集英社

As the first part of Haikyu!! Final, Haikyu!! Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump will come to the theater on February 16, 2024. It has been also announced that Haikyu!! Final consists of two parts, so you can expect another part after Haikyu!! Decisive Battle at the Garbage Dump. Don’t miss the approaching climax of Haikyu!!

If you cannot wait until the next anime movies come, just enjoy reading the manga series!

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