Dragon Ball Daima: A Completely New Series Begins in Autumn 2024

Dragon Ball Daima

Great news for all Dragon Ball fans out there! From the renowned Dragon Ball series, a brand-new anime series titled Dragon Ball Daima (ドラゴンボールDAIMA) has been announced to debut in the autumn of 2024.

(Photo on top: ©バードスタジオ/集英社・東映アニメーション)

This news was unveiled at the world’s largest pop culture event, New York Comic Con 2023. Alongside the production announcement of Dragon Ball Daima, a teaser movie and the official logo for the series were released.

Dragon Ball Daima Logo

▽Check out the first trailer for Dragon Ball Daima here▽.

The trailer starts with a digest edit that takes viewers through the history of Dragon Ball thus far. In the latter half, snippets from Dragon Ball Daima are sprinkled in. It’s impossible not to get excited seeing entirely new footage.

Dragon Ball Daima is also a commemorative work for the 40th anniversary of the Dragon Ball franchise. Most notably about this new series is that the original manga artist, Akira Toriyama, is personally handling the original story and character design. This means that we’ll be seeing the new Toriyama’s work in animation for the first time, even before it’s depicted in the manga.

What’s the story of Dragon Ball Daima?

Dragon Ball Daima Goku and Vegeta

While familiar characters like Goku and Vegeta certainly make their appearances, it’s surprising to see them transformed into child-like appearances. Another point of note is the more contemporary touch to the artwork. New characters are also identifiable from the trailer.

According to comments by Akira Toriyama, the “Daima” in Dragon Ball Daima stands for “大魔” in Japanese, which translates to “Evil” in English. As can be discerned from the trailer, Goku and the others have been turned into smaller forms due to a certain conspiracy. We can also see Goku using his Power Pole after a long time. To regain their original forms, Goku and the team embark on a new adventure.

Comment from Akira Toriyama

Let’s briefly look back at the history of the Dragon Ball anime

In addition to the original series Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, there was the spin-off Dragon Ball GT, and then Dragon Ball Z was remade into Dragon Ball Kai. From 2015 to 2018, Dragon Ball Super was also produced, with Akira Toriyama providing the original story concept. Additionally, original anime films have been released periodically.

Seeing Goku in his smaller form now brings to mind Dragon Ball GT, but it seems we’ll be getting an entirely different story, which is very exciting.

Let’s look forward to further updates!

Official Website: https://en.dragon-ball-official.com/

Dragon Ball Daima News Page: Brand-New Anime Series “Dragon Ball DAIMA”Coming Fall 2024!

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