Where Does Dark Gathering Anime End in Manga?

Dark Gathering

A new suspenseful anime infused with supernatural horror and a dash of comedy has emerged: Dark Gathering. Many are drawn to the cute yet eerie character of Yayoi. The story revolves around Keitaro, a protagonist who unintentionally attracts ghosts and apparitions, and Yayoi, an elementary school student who lost her parents in a traffic accident and had her mother’s spirit taken away by an evil ghost. Keitaro and Yayoi form a pact where he brings spirits, and she hunts them down to retrieve her mother’s spirit.

Dark Gathering began as a manga series in Jump Square in 2019 and was adapted into an anime from July to December 2023. The first season, consisting of 25 episodes, was produced by the anime studio OLM. However, this adaptation only covers only part of the original manga story.

So, what can fans do after finishing the Dark Gathering anime? The answer is to continue the story through the manga, which progresses much further than the anime. To continue from where the Dark Gathering anime left off, it’s important to check which chapter and volume of the manga to start with.

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How many volumes does Dark Gathering have?

Dark Gathering Volume 1
Dark Gathering Volume 1

Dark Gathering, a blend of horror, supernatural, action, and comedy, is a manga by Kenichi Kondo that has been serialized in Jump Square since 2019. Jump Square is known for producing other high-quality, slightly scary dark fantasies like Blue Exorcist and Seraph of the End. As of now, there are 14 volumes of the Dark Gathering manga, with the latest Volume 14 released in December 2023. The English translation has been licensed by Viz Media.

What chapter does the Dark Gathering anime end on?

The first season of the Dark Gathering anime ends with Episode 25 “Dark Gathering,” which corresponds to Chapter 33 and 34 of Volume 9 in the manga series. That’s to say you can enjoy the following story after the latest anime episode leaves off by reading the manga series from Volume 9 Chapter 35.

Dark Gathering Volume 9 (Japanese)
Dark Gathering Volume 9 (Japanese)

Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 9 Chapter 34

Season 2: From Volume 9 Chapter 35

The incident at the elementary school Yayoi attends comes to a close, and although Yayoi may find a clue about her mother, she prioritizes visiting their friend Ai. Finally, Keitaro and the others head to Kyoto. It was indeed an ending that leaves us increasingly curious about what happens next in Dark Gathering.

When will Dark Gathering Season 2 air?

Unfortunately, there has been no announcement yet for Dark Gathering Season 2. Given the positive reception of the anime, there is certainly potential for a sequel. However, since the first season was produced with 25 episodes, it covered more than half of the manga available at that time. A next season with 12-13 episodes could be made more quickly, but in any case, it seems like a sequel would have to wait for further progress in the manga.

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