Where Does My Senpai is Annoying Anime End in Manga?

My Senpai is Annoying

Understanding the Japanese concept of senior-junior relationships (Senpai and Kohai) is essential for deeply appreciating anime. My Senpai is Annoying is an anime that revolves around this Japanese hierarchical relationship in a casual way. The main character is Futaba Igarashi, a young woman in her second year after joining a trading company, highlighted as the junior. The other main character is Harumi Takeda, her senior at work. Although Futaba finds him to be annoying, there are times she doesn’t entirely mind his actions, yet there are certainly moments where he genuinely irritates her. It’s a slice-of-life romantic comedy depicting the earnest working life of Futaba and her sometimes smooth, sometimes rocky interactions with her senior.

Based on the manga by Shiro Manta, My Senpai is Annoying began its anime adaptation in October 2021. The first season, consisting of 12 episodes, was produced by Doga Koubou. It’s an irresistible anime for those who are fans of the recent trends in slice-of-life and romantic comedy genres.

For those who’ve watched all the episodes of My Senpai is Annoying and are curious about the continued story of the two, you don’t have to wait for the anime sequel. You can delve into the manga for the continuation. I’ll guide you on where the My Senpai is Annoying anime ends in the manga, specifically which volume and chapter you should start reading from.

(Photo on top: © しろまんた・一迅社/先輩がうざい製作委員会)

How many volumes does My Senpai is Annoying have?

My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 1
My Senpai is Annoying

Authored by Shiro Manta, the manga series of My Senpai is Annoying has been serialized in an online manga platform Comic POOL since 2017. There are 11 volumes published so far in the My Senpai is Annoying manga series (the latest 11th volume released in July 2023).

Seven Seas Entertainment has acquired the license, and the English version has been published since 2020.

What chapter does the My Senpai is Annoying anime end on?

The anime series of My Senpai is Annoying ends with Episode 12 “My Senpai Is Annoying,” which matches the end of Volume 5 in the manga series, Chapter 99. That is to say, you can enjoy the following story by reading the manga from Volume 6 Chapter 100 onwards.

My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 6
△My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 6△

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Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 5 Chapter 99

Season 2: From Volume 6 Chapter 100

Two couples that seem close to getting together but don’t… it’s frustrating but entertaining, right? However, compared to the beginning of the story, there’s obviously some progression. Be sure to read the continuation in the manga and immerse yourself in the original world of My Senpai is Annoying!

My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 6
△My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 6△
My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 7
△My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 7△
My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 8
△My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 8△
My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 9
△My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 9△
My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 10
△My Senpai is Annoying Vol. 10△

When will My Senpai is Annoying Season 2 air?

The production of My Senpai is Annoying Season 2 has not yet been announced. The first season adapted the storyline of up to the fifth volume of the manga. The next five volumes have already been published, which means there’s ample material for the production of the second season. So, while the timing is uncertain, the possibility of a My Senpai is Annoying Season 2 in the future seems quite high.

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