Where Does Skip and Loafer Anime End in Manga?

Skip and Loafer

Recently, it’s not uncommon for lesser-known manga to skyrocket to popularity after getting an anime adaptation. One of the dark horses of 2023 was certainly Skip and Loafer. At first glance, it’s an anime with a modest and subdued visual style, but it holds a captivating story that grips the heart. Its delicate portrayal of human characters resonated profoundly with a vast array of fans.

Mitsumi Iwakura, a pure-hearted girl, moves to Tokyo from the countryside for high school, where she meets Sosuke Shima, a boy who is popular among the other students yet remains humble. In addition to these two characters, their classmates have become indispensable elements of the story. Skip and Loafer delicately depicts the inner lives of today’s youth, filled with heartwarming episodes.

This is a must-read for those who have completed the existing anime episodes and can’t wait for the next season. To enjoy the continuation of the anime’s story, it’s essential to know where the Skip and Loafer anime ends in the manga. Let’s check from which volume and chapter of the manga you should start reading.

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How many volumes does Skip and Loafer have?

Skip and Loafer
Skip and Loafer

Skip and Loafer initially became popular as a manga series written by Misaki Takamatsu, categorized as romantic comedy and slice of life. The original manga series of Skip and Loafer has been serialized in Monthly Afternoon since 2018, which consists of 8 volumes now (the latest 8th volume published in January 2023).

And, its anime adaptation including 12 episodes was made by P.A. Works from April to June 2023.

What chapter does the Skip and Loafer anime end on?

In conclusion, the Skip and Loafer anime covers the original story until the end of Volume 4 in the manga, so you can read the following story from Volume 5. The first season of the anime finishes with Episode 12 “Shining”, which corresponds to Volume 4 Chapter 23 in the manga series.

So, you can enjoy the following story after the anime ends by reading the manga series from Volume 5 Chapter 24.

Skip and Loafer Vol. 5
△Skip and Loafer Vol. 5△

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Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 4 Chapter 23

Season 2 (Upcoming): From Volume 5 Chapter 24

In the first season of the anime, the first school festival for Mitsumi has ended, and Sosuke’s past is gradually coming to light. The relationship between Mitsumi and Sosuke is still ambiguous, but it seems to be moving in a positive direction. Aren’t you curious about what happens next? Before waiting for the next season of the anime, let’s get a head start on the subsequent storyline by reading the manga Volume 5 and the following volumes!

Skip and Loafer Vol. 5
△Skip and Loafer Vol. 5△
Skip and Loafer Vol. 6
△Skip and Loafer Vol. 6△
Skip and Loafer Vol. 7
△Skip and Loafer Vol. 7△
Skip and Loafer Vol. 8
△Skip and Loafer Vol. 8△

When will Skip and Loafer Season 2 air?

Unfortunately, the announcement for Skip and Loafer Season 2 has not yet been made. However, given its popularity, it’s hard to imagine that a sequel won’t be produced. As of the first season broadcast in 2023, half of the original manga has been adapted into anime, so there are not enough volumes of the manga available for the next adaptation.

Therefore, Skip and Loafer Season 2 will likely be produced after a few more volumes are published. On the other hand, The Dangers in My Heart, which started airing around the same time and under similar circumstances, has already confirmed its second season. So, there is a chance that the schedule for Skip and Loafer Season 2 might be expedited.

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