Where Does Call of the Night Anime End in Manga?

Call of the Night

Anime fans have received lots of new high-quality anime with pleasure every season and have missed them since the incomplete series finished their first season. As one of the finest romantic comedy anime, Call of the Night aired from July to September 2022.

It focuses on a 14-year-old school-refusing boy Ko Yamori, who tries to go out at night for the first time. In addition to several attractive vampire girls including the heroine Nazuna Nanakusa, the fans are truly fascinated by the beautifully drawn scenes of night.

Based on the popular same-titled manga series serialized from 2019 to 2024, its anime adaptation is made by Liden Films, directed by Tomoyuki Itamura. It was broadcast with 13 episodes in the summer of 2022.

If you miss Call of the Night after watching all the current episodes of the anime series, don’t you wanna know what will happen to Ko and Nazuna next? For you to enjoy the following story after the anime series, I’d like to introduce where the Call of the Night anime ends in the manga series.

(Photo on top: Ⓒ2022コトヤマ・小学館/「よふかしのうた」製作委員会)

Check out which chapter you should re-start reading from in the manga series!

How many volumes does Call of the Night have?

Written by Kotoyama, the manga series of Call of the Night started to be serialized on Weekly Shonen Sunday in August 2019. Call of the Night, which finally ended with the 200th chapter in January 2024, is composed of 20 volumes so far (the final 20th volume published in March 2024).

You can read a great part of the Tankobon volumes in English now.

Which Volume of the Call of the Night Manga to Read after the Anime Series

The first season of the Call of the Night anime ended with Episode 13 “Call of the Night”, which corresponds to Volume 5 Chapter 46 “Let’s Get Along” in the manga series. That is to say, you can enjoy the sequel to the anime’s latest episode from Volume 5 Chapter 47 “You Wanna Talk About Yamori-Kun, Right?” in the manga.

Get the 5th volume and following volumes of the English edition! They will introduce more vampire characters uncovering the past of Nazuna and other mysterious characters.

Call of the Night, Vol. 5
△Call of the Night, Vol. 5△

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Call of the Night, Vol. 6
△Call of the Night, Vol. 6△
Call of the Night, Vol. 7
△Call of the Night, Vol. 7△
Call of the Night, Vol. 8
△Call of the Night, Vol. 8△
Call of the Night, Vol. 9
△Call of the Night, Vol. 9△
Call of the Night, Vol. 10
△Call of the Night, Vol. 10△
Call of the Night, Vol. 11
△Call of the Night, Vol. 11△

When will Call of the Night Season 2 air?

Call of the Night Season 2
Call of the Night Season 2 ©2022コトヤマ・小学館/「よふかしのうた」製作委員会

Fortunately, Call of the Night Season 2 was just announced in March, 2024. Director Tomoyuki Itamura has left the following comment regarding the announcement of the second season: The enchanting night returns. What will become of Ko and Nazuna? Is there a continuation to their confrontation with the detective? The manga has concluded, but the anime journey is just beginning. Just as Ko fumbled through the night with his heart racing, the anime too will strive for a vivid experience once again. They will work hard to ensure that both manga readers and anime fans alike can enjoy it.

For now, kick back and wait for the new season while reading the manga series from Volume 5.

Call of the Night, Vol. 5
△Call of the Night, Vol. 5△

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