Where Does Blue Period Anime End in Manga?

Blue Period

There’s something truly captivating about watching a young individual channel all the passion of their youth into a singular pursuit. Many fans have surely been moved by the recent coming-of-age anime, Blue Period, where Yatora and his rivals dive wholeheartedly into art after being awakened to its beauty. While grounded in realism, ‘Blue Period’ offers a story that can only be effectively conveyed through the medium of anime and manga.

Blue Period is based on the manga by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, which started its serialization in 2017, and was adapted into a 12-episode anime in 2021. The studio Seven Arcs faithfully captured the charm of the Blue Period manga in the anime adaptation. While the manga has been highly acclaimed and is ongoing, the anime has covered only a fraction of the story so far.

For those who are hooked on the Blue Period anime and feel unsatisfied with just the 12 episodes that have aired, you can continue the story by reading the manga. I’ll introduce where the Blue Period anime ends in the manga. By explaining specifically which volume and chapter to start from, you can smoothly enjoy the continuation of the story after the anime ends.

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How many volumes does Blue Period have?

Blue Period Vol. 1
Blue Period

Authored by Tsubasa Yamaguchi, the manga series of Blue Period has been serialized in Monthly Afternoon since 2017. There are 14 volumes in Blue Period published so far (the latest 14th volume released in July 2023). The first volume of its English edition was released in 2020 by Kodansha Comics, an imprint of Kodansha USA Publishing.

If you are planning to collect all the volumes of the Blue Period manga series, it’s recommended to buy this Blue Period manga set at a discounted price!

Blue Period Manga Set (Volume 1-10)
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What chapter does the Blue Period anime end on?

The first season of the Blue Period anime leaves off with Episode 12 “When I Started to Be Dyed in Color,” which coincides with Volume 6 Chapter 24 and 25 in the manga series. In other words, you can enjoy the following story after the anime ends by reading the manga from Volume 7 Chapter 26.

Blue Period Vol. 7
△Blue Period Vol. 7△

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Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 6 Chapter 25

Season 2: From Volume 7 Chapter 26

In the early episodes of the first season of the anime, the protagonist Yatora Yaguchi discovers his passion for art during his second year of high school, leading him to decide to take the entrance exam for Tokyo University of the Arts. The series depicts his journey up to the point where Yatora manages to pass the university’s entrance exam on his first attempt. From the next story arc, a new life begins at the hard-won university spot, where he can anticipate encountering works and artists of a different level, and where Yatora himself is expected to grow exponentially.

If you can’t wait for the next season of the anime, start reading from the beginning of Volume 7 onwards!

Blue Period Vol. 7
△Blue Period Vol. 7△
Blue Period Vol. 8
△Blue Period Vol. 8△
Blue Period Vol. 9
△Blue Period Vol. 9△
Blue Period Vol. 10
△Blue Period Vol. 10△
Blue Period Vol. 11
△Blue Period Vol. 11△
Blue Period Vol. 12
△Blue Period Vol. 12△
Blue Period Vol. 13
△Blue Period Vol. 13△

When will Blue Period Season 2 air?

Many fans are eagerly anticipating Blue Period Season 2, but its production has not been confirmed yet. Although the anime Blue Period garnered considerable praise in 2021, there has been no announcement about a sequel since then. The first season adapted up to the 6th volume of the manga, meaning there’s already enough content for a second season. An announcement for Blue Period Season 2 might not be too far off.

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