Where Does Golden Kamuy Anime End in Manga?

Golden Kamuy Season 4

Golden Kamuy, which sparked its boom in Japan at first, is one of the outstanding historical adventure anime series these days. Finally, its original manga series brought the grand story to a successful conclusion in April, 2022. The anime adaptation has attracted favorable reviews from lots of anime fans all over the globe since its first season started in 2018.

Introducing the Ainu, indigenous people living around the Sea of Okhotsk, and the history of Hokkaido, Golden Kamuy follows a mystery of a huge pile of hidden gold. The dangerous adventure of the veteran protagonist Saichi Sugimoto and the Ainu girl Asirpa still lasts a while longer in the anime series.

Based on Satoru Noda’s manga series serialized between 2014 and 2022, three seasons were made by
Geno Studio in 2018 and 2020. It’s followed by the fourth season created by a different anime studio Brain’s Base from October, 2022.

For the Golden Kamuy fans who have completed the existing episodes and want to enjoy the following story after the anime series ends, here is a guide to reading the manga series. Check out where the Golden Kamuy anime ends in manga and which chapter to re-start the story from.

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How many volumes does Golden Kamuy have?

Golden Kamuy, Vol. 1
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 1

The manga series of Golden Kamuy was serialized on Weekly Young Jump from 2014 to 2022, written by Satoru Noda. The completed manga consists of 31 volumes. The English edition of Golden Kamuy will be concluded in the near future.

What chapter does the Golden Kamuy anime end on?

Golden Kamuy Season 4, which started airing from October 2022 but was postponed due to the passing of one of the main staff members, finished with 13 episodes in June 2023. The fourth season of the Golden Kamuy anime ends with Episode 49 “The Vanished Kamuy,” corresponds to Volume 25 Chapter 243.

 If you want to go ahead of the fourth season of the anime series, it’s recommended to read the manga series from Volume 25 Chapter 244.

Golden Kamuy, Vol. 25
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 25

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Season 1 (Episode 1-12): From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 7 Chapter 69
Season 2 (Episode 13-24): From Volume 8 Chapter 70 to Volume 14 Chapter 139
Season 3 (Episode 25-36): From Volume 14 Chapter 139 to Volume 20 Episode 192
Season 4: From Volume 20 Episode 193 to Volume 25 Chapter 243
Season 5: From Volume 25 Chapter 244

The fourth season concluded with the Return to Hokkaido Arc, Bear Man Arc, and Boutarou the Pirate Arc, and has just begun the Town of Reunions Arc. In the anime sequel (Season 5), it will likely finish the Town of Reunions Arc, then depict the Tokyo Love Story Arc, and even proceed to the final Hakodate Arc.

Let’s enjoy the rest of the story that has not been adapted into the anime series earlier by reading from Volume 25 onwards!

Golden Kamuy, Vol. 25
△Golden Kamuy, Vol. 25△
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 26
△Golden Kamuy, Vol. 26△
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 27
△Golden Kamuy, Vol. 27△
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 28
△Golden Kamuy, Vol. 28△
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 29
△Golden Kamuy, Vol. 29△
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 30
△Golden Kamuy, Vol. 30△
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 31
△Final Volume: Golden Kamuy, Vol. 31△

When will Golden Kamuy Season 5 air?

Thankfully, Golden Kamuy Season 5 has already been confirmed for production as the final part. The broadcast date is yet to be determined, but the story will finally reach its conclusion in the anime series. If you can’t wait until the anime series is completed, binge-read the manga series to the end right away!

Golden Kamuy, Vol. 25
Golden Kamuy, Vol. 25

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