Where Does No Game No Life Anime End in Light Novels and Manga?

No Game No Life: Zero

The popular game-themed isekai anime series, mixed with comedy, science fiction and moe, has a large number of fans across the world. The genius gamer Sora and his little sister Shiro are transported to a different world, where 16 races called the Ixseed are ranked and they are at the bottom of the hierarchy as Immanity. They fight against the other races through a variety of thrilling strange games with their high intelligence.

No Game No Life was broadcast with 12 episodes in 2014, adapted from the original light novel written and illustrated by Yu Kamiya since 2012. The first anime series was followed by an anime movie No Game No Life: Zero in 2017. Both of the anime series and movie were made by a well-known Japanese anime studio Madhouse. Many fans expect a sequel to the anime will be released in the future since the light novel series is still ongoing. In addition, its manga adaptation started in 2013.

For those who have already watched all the current episodes of the anime series and the anime movie and are interested in the following story, here is the guide to enjoy the rest of the story in the light novel and manga. Check out where the No Game No Life ends in light novel and manga!

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How many volumes does No Game No Life have?

The light novel series of No Game No Life has been published by Kadokawa (by Media Factory before) since 2012, both written and illustrated by Yu Kamiya. There are 12 volumes and 1 spin-off in the light novel series so far (the latest 12th volume released in February, 2023).

The first manga adaptation, serialized on Monthly Comic Alive between 2013 and 2017, was completed with two volumes that constitute 11 chapters. The second manga series just began on the same magazine in November, 2021.

Which should you choose, light novels or manga?

There seems two options to enjoy the following story after the anime series finishes: light novels and manga. However, you can’t choose but reading the light novel series actually since the manga series covers only a small part of the story. The manga adaptation doesn’t catch up with even the anime series. If you want to go ahead of the anime series and movie, just re-start with the light novel series.

Which volume of No Game No Life to read after the anime?

The first season of No Game No Life ends with Episode 12 “Rule Number 10”, which corresponds with the beginning part of the story: from Volume 1 to Volume 3 of the light novel series. The following anime movie No Game No Life: Zero is adapted from Volume 6 skipping Volume 4 and 5.

Season 1: From Volume 1 to Volume 3
Movie: Volume 6
Season 2 (TBA): From Volume 4

To enjoy the sequel to the No Game No Life anime series, it’s recommended to read the light novel from Volume 4.

No Game No Life, Vol. 4
△No Game No Life, Vol. 4△

After Blank’s battle with the Werebeast, you can enjoy the following story focusing on the two threatened races Siren and Dhampir and a kind of dating simulation game that is one of the few games that Sora and Shiro haven’t completed.

Let’s go ahead of the anime series by reading from Volume 4 onwards!

No Game No Life, Vol. 4
△No Game No Life, Vol. 4△
No Game No Life, Vol. 5
△No Game No Life, Vol. 5△
No Game No Life, Vol. 6
△No Game No Life, Vol. 6△
No Game No Life, Vol. 7
△No Game No Life, Vol. 7△
No Game No Life, Vol. 8
△No Game No Life, Vol. 8△
No Game No Life, Vol. 9
△No Game No Life, Vol. 9△
No Game No Life, Vol. 10
△No Game No Life, Vol. 10△
No Game No Life, Vol. 11
△No Game No Life, Vol. 11△

When will No Game No Life Season 2 come?

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been announced that the next season of the No Game No Life anime will be released yet. However, you can expect they realize the production of Season 2 since there are many volumes in the light novel enough to be adapted into the anime series. If you can’t wait until then, just proceed on the story with the light novel!

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