Where Does To Your Eternity Anime End in Manga?

To Your Eternity

It’s a mysterious and grand adventure fantasy. The story of To Your Eternity is narrated from an omniscient perspective about Fushi, a being with an immortal body and the ability to replicate the properties of objects. Over time, he learns how to live from the people he encounters and comes to understand warm emotions, gradually growing to emulate humans. The story might not be flashy, but it slowly seeps into the viewer’s heart.

To Your Eternity, which began as a manga in 2016. has been written by Yoshitoki Oima, who is also renowned for the touching drama series A Silent Voice. The anime adaptation of To Your Eternity, consisting of 20 episodes, was produced by Brain’s Base in 2021. Then, in 2022, another season comprising 20 episodes was produced by Drive.

For those who’ve become engrossed in this epic saga, having finished the currently released anime episodes might leave them wanting more. They might be wondering how they can immediately delve into the continuation of the story. The original manga series offers that possibility. In this article, I’ll explain where the To Your Eternity anime ends in the manga. So, by the end, you’ll know from which volume and chapter to pick up after finishing the anime.

Let’s step back into the world of To Your Eternity.

(Photo on top: © ⼤今良時・講談社/NHK・NEP)

How many volumes does To Your Eternity have?

To Your Eternity Vol. 1
To Your Eternity

There are 20 volumes published so far in the manga series of To Your Eternity (the latest 20th volume released in August 2023). It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2016, authored by Yoshitoki Oima. Licensed by Kodansha USA, its English edition has been published since 2017.

What chapter does the To Your Eternity anime end on?

The second season of the To Your Eternity anime finishes with Episode 20 “End of an Era,” which matches Volume 12 Chapter 116, the end of the volume. To Your Eternity Season 2 covers the amount of six volumes from Volume 7 to 12. You can enjoy the following episodes after the anime by reading the manga from Volume 13 Chapter 117.

To Your Eternity Vol. 13
△To Your Eternity Vol. 13△

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Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 6 Chapter 54

Season 2: From Volume 7 Chapter 55 to Volume 12 Chapter 116

Season 3: From Volume 13 Chapter 117

In the anime’s first and second seasons, the main focus was on the manga’s first part, the Past Era Saga, spanning from the Nameless Boy Arc to the Renril Arc. The plot revolved around Fushi and his companions’ victory over the Nokkers as they journeyed through the city of Renril. Fushi resolved to continue fighting the Nokkers throughout the world, while his comrades went on with their respective lives. It was suggested that these events took place in the distant past. The series will now delve into the second part, the Present Era Saga.

To Your Eternity Vol. 13
△To Your Eternity Vol. 13△
To Your Eternity Vol. 14
△To Your Eternity Vol. 14△
To Your Eternity Vol. 15
△To Your Eternity Vol. 15△
To Your Eternity Vol. 16
△To Your Eternity Vol. 16△
To Your Eternity Vol. 17
△To Your Eternity Vol. 17△
To Your Eternity Vol. 18
△To Your Eternity Vol. 18△

When will To Your Eternity Season 3 air?

To Your Eternity Season 3
To Your Eternity Season 3 © ⼤今良時・講談社/NHK・NEP

At the conclusion of the second season, the production of To Your Eternity Season 3 was announced. It’s not far-fetched to believe that the realization of this is not too distant, considering that one season of the anime corresponds to about six volumes of the manga, and the next six volumes have already been published. Just like the past seasons, the third season will likely comprise 20 episodes. While we await the next season, why not venture ahead into the continuation of the story by reading the manga?

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