Where Does World Trigger Anime End in Manga?

World Trigger Anime

There are many highly-rated sci-fi action adventure anime series whose next seasons are anticipated by fans all over the world. World Trigger is one of the most popular incomplete sci-fi anime series, based on the same-titled manga series written by Daisuke Ashihara since 2013.

Set in a fictional city in Japan, World Trigger focuses on the battles between the alien invaders called Neighbors and the national defense agency Border. The exciting story of the main characters and Borders including Yuma, Osamu, Chika and Yuichi is not over yet.

The first season was made with 73 episodes by Toei Animation between 2014 and 2016, followed by the second and third season in 2021 and 2021-2022. The fans look forward to the next season’s coming in the near future while the original manga series is ongoing.

If you have already watched all the current episodes in the World Trigger anime series and are interested in the following story after the anime ends, check out how to enjoy it in the manga series! Today, I’d like to introduce where the World Trigger anime ends in manga and which volume to re-start now.

(Photo on top: ©葦原大介/集英社・テレビ朝日・東映アニメーション)

How many volumes does World Trigger have?

World Trigger started being serialized on the most popular Japanese manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, which moved to Jump Square, the other magazine published by Shueisha, in 2018. There are 25 volumes in the manga series of World Trigger so far (the latest 25th volume released in September, 2022).

What chapter does the World Trigger anime end on?

Season 1 (73 episodes): From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 14 Chapter 124
Season 2 (12 episodes): From Volume 14 Chapter 125 to Volume 18 Chapter 160
Season 3 (14 episodes): From Volume 19 Chapter 161 to Volume 22 Chapter 196
Season 4: From Volume 23 Chapter 197

World Trigger Season 3 finished with Episode 99: Resolution, which coincides with Chapter 196: Tamakoma Second, the end of Volume 22 of the manga. To enjoy the next story after the anime ends, it’s recommended to read the manga from Volume 23 Chapter 197: B-Rank Middle Group Final Round onwards.

World Trigger, Vol. 23
△World Trigger, Vol. 23△

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More exactly, the third season of the anime is adapted from the story until the middle of Chapter 196. If you want to absorb every scene of the chapter, just re-start the story from Volume 22 Chapter 196.

World Trigger, Vol. 22
△World Trigger, Vol. 22△

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The World Trigger anime is reaching the end of the fifth arc B-Rank Wars Arc and will enter a new story Away Mission Test Arc in the expected fourth season.

Let’s experience the next story arc in the manga going ahead of the anime series!

World Trigger, Vol. 23
△World Trigger, Vol. 23△
World Trigger, Vol. 24
△World Trigger, Vol. 24△

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