Where Does My Happy Marriage Anime End in Light Novels and Manga?

My Happy Marriage

Wasn’t My Happy Marriage possibly the most beautiful anime of 2023? It was also a production with almost no pre-broadcast recognition, but it became the anime that recently experienced the most explosive increase in recognition after being aired. Many viewers likely felt heart-wrenching emotions from the beginning while watching the life of the protagonist Miyo, who has been oppressed in an old-fashioned, reclusive family. Then there’s Kiyoka, the master of a prestigious family, who seems domineering at first glance but awkwardly starts to accept Miyo. It was a relief when Miyo was taken in by him. My Happy Marriage showed us a love story with a universal charm that goes beyond mere romance.

Based on the light novel that has been published since 2019, it was first animated in the summer of 2023 with 12 episodes. The anime was produced by Kinema Citrus. My Happy Marriage was also adapted into a live-action film a little before the anime broadcast, but it was indeed the anime adaptation that ignited its popularity. Many people must have been attracted to this type of anime, which combines fantasy and romance in a unique manner.

Those who have finished watching all the episodes of such an anime, My Happy Marriage, should know that it’s just the prologue of the entire story. Here, I introduce ways for those who have finished watching all the episodes of the anime to enjoy the continuation in the original light novels and manga adaptations. I will explain where the My Happy Marriage anime ends in the light novels and manga and from which volume and chapter one should start reading.

(Photo on top: ©2023 顎木あくみ・月岡月穂/KADOKAWA/「わたしの幸せな結婚」製作委員会)

How many volumes does My Happy Marriage have?

My Happy Marriage
My Happy Marriage

My Happy Marriage was originally serialized as an online light novel on the Shosetsuka ni Naro website, and its light novel series has been published since 2019. It is written by Akumi Agitogi and illustrated by Tsukiho Tsukioka. There are 7 volumes in the My Happy Marriag light novel series published so far (the latest 7th volume released in July 2023).

The original light novel has been adapted into a manga series by Rito Kohsaka since December 2018. The manga adaptation has 4 volumes so far (the latest 4th volume released in November 2022).

Which should you choose, light novels or manga?

My Happy Marriage Light Novel vs. Manga

The light novel was adapted into a manga at a relatively early stage. However, the pace at which the manga progressed was slow, and by the time the first season of the anime concluded, the anime had surpassed the manga. Therefore, it is not possible to enjoy the continuation of the anime in manga form.

In other words, to know the continuation of the anime’s story, reading the light novel is the only option. Originally, the light novel contains the authentic story and includes attractive illustrations. Let’s fully enjoy My Happy Marriage in the light novel.

My Happy Marriage: Which Volume to Read after the Anime Series

Light Novel: Which volume of My Happy Marriage to read after the anime?

The anime series of My Happy Marriage finishes with Episode 12 “Light in the Darkness,” which coincides with the beginning of Volume 2 Chapter 5. You can enjoy the following story after the anime by reading the light novel series from the middle of Volume 2 Chapter 5.

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 2
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 2△

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Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 2 Chapter 5

Season 2: From Volume 2 Chapter 5

In the final episode, to save Kiyoka who is in a critical situation, Miyo dives into his soul. Miyo, who had been troubled by her lack of supernatural powers, faces the difficulties and deepens her relationship with Kiyoka. It’s impossible to take our eyes off the future of these two.

Let’s dig the world of My Happy Marriage deeper with the light novel series!

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 2
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 2△
My Happy Marriage, Vol. 3
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 3△
My Happy Marriage, Vol. 4
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 4△
My Happy Marriage, Vol. 5
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 5△
My Happy Marriage, Vol. 6
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 6△

Manga: Which volume of My Happy Marriage to read after the anime?

As mentioned earlier, the anime has already progressed further than the manga adaptation. The manga has its unique worldview, allowing fans of My Happy Marriage to enjoy it from a slightly different perspective, so it would be good for fans to read it.

My Happy Marriage Vol. 01 (Manga)
△My Happy Marriage Vol. 1 (Manga)△
My Happy Marriage Vol. 02 (Manga)
△My Happy Marriage Vol. 2 (Manga)△
My Happy Marriage Vol. 03 (Manga)
△My Happy Marriage Vol. 3 (Manga)△
My Happy Marriage Vol. 04 (Manga)
△My Happy Marriage Vol. 4 (Manga)△

On the other hand, those who want to enjoy the continuation of the anime should indeed proceed with reading the light novel.

My Happy Marriage, Vol. 2
△My Happy Marriage, Vol. 2△

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When will My Happy Marriage Season 2 air?

My Happy Marriage Season 2 ©2023 顎木あくみ・月岡月穂/KADOKAWA/「わたしの幸せな結婚」製作委員会
My Happy Marriage Season 2 ©2023 顎木あくみ・月岡月穂/KADOKAWA/「わたしの幸せな結婚」製作委員会

Fortunately, with the conclusion of the first season, the production of My Happy Marriage Season 2 has been decided. The release of the visual for the second season is also a very joyful piece of news for the fans. The light novels are being published smoothly, and there is enough original story prepared for the animation of several more seasons. Therefore, the realization of the second season will likely happen in the not-so-distant future. Let’s wait for more updates while reading the light novels.

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