Where Does Blue Lock Anime End in Manga?

Blue Lock

Soccer has always been a popular theme in manga and anime, but Blue Lock is by far the most successful recent soccer anime. Not just for sports or soccer enthusiasts, Blue Lock has captured a broader audience by intertwining elements reminiscent of death games. Many are captivated by the survival game-like challenges faced by a low-characteristic protagonist and his uniquely skilled rivals.

Based on the popular manga that began publication in 2018, the first season of Blue Lock aired 24 episodes from 2022 to 2023, igniting its popularity even further. The anime adaptation was handled by Eight Bit. With a spin-off movie, Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, already and a second season confirmed, it’s undeniably one of the can’t-miss anime series right now.

For those who have already binged the entire Blue Lock anime, the anticipation for what comes next might be keeping you up at night. For those restless souls, We’ll guide you on how to continue the Blue Lock adventure through its manga. We’ll help pinpoint where the Blue Lock anime ends in the manga, advising on which volume and chapter to start with to enjoy the story’s continuation.

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How many volumes does Blue Lock have?

Blue Lock Vol. 1
Blue Lock

Written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura, the manga series of Blue Lock has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine since 2018. There are 25 volumes in the Blue Lock manga published so far (the latest 25th volume released in July 2023).

You should know there is a spin-off manga series Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, starting publication in 2022 with illustrations by Kota Sannomiya. It consists of 3 volumes so far (the latest 3rd volume released in September 2023). Along with the main series, Blue Lock: Episode Nagi is also made in an anime adaptation.

What chapter does the Blue Lock anime end on?

The first season of the Blue Lock anime finishes with Episode 24 “The Time Has Come,” which coincides with Volume 11 Chapter 90 to 94 in the manga series, the end of the volume. Thus, you can enjoy the following story after the latest anime by reading the manga series from Volume 12 Chapter 95.

Blue Lock Vol. 12
△Blue Lock Vol. 12△

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Season 1: From Volume 1 Chapter 1 to Volume 11 Chapter 94

Season 2: From Volume 12 Chapter 95

The Blue Lock Project selection is still ongoing. Despite being bewildered by the unique selection criteria, Yoichi Isagi and his rivals are steadily growing. With the story unfolding on a global scale, it’s impossible to look away from what’s coming next.

Blue Lock Vol. 12
△Blue Lock Vol. 12△
Blue Lock Vol. 13
△Blue Lock Vol. 13△
Blue Lock Vol. 14
△Blue Lock Vol. 14△
Blue Lock Vol. 15
△Blue Lock Vol. 15△
Blue Lock Vol. 16
△Blue Lock Vol. 16△
Blue Lock Vol. 17
△Blue Lock Vol. 17△
Blue Lock Vol. 18
△Blue Lock Vol. 18△
Blue Lock Vol. 19
△Blue Lock Vol. 19△
Blue Lock Vol. 20
△Blue Lock Vol. 20△

Additionally, the spin-off Blue Lock: Episode Nagi will be covered in an anime movie set to be released in Spring 2024. The story focuses on one of the main characters, Seishiro Nagi, and his close friend Reo Mikage.

When will Blue Lock Season 2 air?

Given its popularity, it’s only fitting that the production of Blue Lock Season 2 is already decided. Following the first season, a high-quality adaptation for the next season is anticipated. As mentioned earlier, in Spring 2024, the anime movie Blue Lock: The Movie -Episode Nagi- will be released. Although it’s a spin-off, it carries a narrative crucial to the main storyline.

For those who can’t wait for the continuation of the anime, consider diving into the manga first. A substantial volume has been published, allowing readers to delve much further into the story. If you’re looking to pick up where the anime left off, you won’t go wrong starting from Volume 12 Chapter 95.

Blue Lock Vol. 12
△Blue Lock Vol. 12△

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