List of Best Chainsaw Man Opening and Ending Songs

Chainsaw Man

The recent smash-hit manga series Chainsaw Man is adapted into a surprising anime adaptation in an exceptional way. The expected dark-fantasy anime series is just broadcasting from October 12, 2022.

It has been announced that there are 12 different ending songs for each episode of the anime series. In addition to the finest quality of drawings by the growing anime studio Mappa, fans can enjoy the coolest tunes by 12 trendy Japanese artists throughout the season. Chainsaw Man also features its opening theme by Kenshi Yonezu, one of the most popular Japanese male singers in the recent past.

Many anime fans wondered who would be in charge of the theme songs of the amazing Chainsaw Man anime series. However, who could have expected it would be accompanied by multiple ending songs by the gorgeous lineup of cutting-edge artists?

Some successful anime series have tends to cast a spotlight on its theme songs lately, which have been listened around the world through various audio streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. These 13 opening and ending songs of Chainsaw Man will become famous and popular among not only Japanese but international people.

Here is the list of the opening theme and the 12 ending themes of the Chainsaw Man anime series. This Chainsaw Man Music Guide will help you experience a bit of what the current Japanese pops are like.

(Photo on top: ©︎藤本タツキ/集英社・Mappa)

Enjoy the hottest action and dark-fantasy anime series with the cool songs!

*Each music video of these songs are added below once they are officially released.

Opening Theme: Kick Back by Kenshi Yonezu

Written by Kenshi Yonezu
Composed by Kenshi Yonezu
Arranged by Kenshi Yonezu /Daiki Tsuneta(King Gnu / millennium parade)
Label: Sony Music Labels Inc.

Ending Theme 1: Chainsaw Blood by Vaundy

Episode: 1

Written by Vaundy
Composed by Vaundy
Arranged by Vaundy
Label: Sdr/Sony Music Labels Inc.

Ending Theme 2: Time-Left by Zutomayo

Written by ACA-Ne
Composed by ACA-Ne
Arranged by 100kaiOuto/ZTMY
Label: Emi Records/Universal Music

Ending Theme 3 & Insert Song: Hawatari 2-Oku Centi by Maximum The Hormone

Written by Maximum the Ryo-kun
Composed by Maximum the Ryo-kun
Label: Warner Music Japan

Ending Theme 4: Tablet by Tooboe

Written by Tooboe
Composed by Tooboe
Arranged by Tooboe
Label: Sony Music Labels Inc.

Ending Theme 5: In The Back Room by Syudou

Written by Syudou
Composed by Syudou
Arranged by Syudou
Label: Syudou Shoten

Ending Theme 6: Rendezvous by Kanaria

Written by Kanaria
Composed by Kanaria
Arranged by Kanaria
Label: Kanaria

Ending Theme 7: All Kind of Kisses by Ano

Written by ano/Shuichi Mabe
Composed by Shuichi Mabe
Arranged by Yaku Inoue
Label: Toy’s Factory

Ending Theme 8: First Death by TK from Ling tosite sigure

Written by TK
Composed by TK
Arranged by TK
Label: Sony Music Labels Inc.

Ending Theme 9: Fight Song by Eve

Written by Eve
Composed by Eve
Arranged by Numa
Label: Toy’s Factory

Ending Theme 10: Deep Down by Aimer

Written by Aimerrhythm
Composed by Kazuma Nagasawa
Arranged by Kenji Tamai/Rui Momota
Label: Sacra Music

Ending Theme 11: Violence by Queen Bee

Written by Avu Barazono
Composed by Avu Barazono
Arranged by Queen Bee/Koji Tsukada
Label: Sony Music Labels Inc.


Ending Theme 12: Dogland by People 1

Written by Deu
Composed by Deu
Arranged by Deu Hajime Taguchi
Label: Pollyanna Records

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