Where Does Chainsaw Man Anime End in Manga?

Chainsaw Man

The anticipated anime series of Chainsaw man just started airing from October 12. It has been already expected to become one of the best anime series in 2022 since its anime production was confirmed. It’s made by the renowned anime studio Mappa, which has been also famous for Jujutsu Kaisen and Attack on Titan: The Final Season lately.

Chainsaw Man, categorized as dark fantasy, action and thriller, has been serialized as a manga series written by Tatsuki Fujimoto since 2018. The first part Public Safety Arc was completed on Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020, and the second part High School Arc re-started on Shonen Jump+ from July, 2022. In addition to the hottest manga series, this new anime adaptation is sparking the boom of Chainsaw Man around the world.

If you are following the ongoing anime series and have already watched the latest episode, don’t you want to know what will happen next? Today, I’d like to introduce where the Chainsaw Man anime ends in manga and which volume to read after the following story after the anime’s latest episode. You can read the rest of the story in both Tankobon volumes and the official website Manga Plus in English.

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How many volumes does Chainsaw Man have?

The manga series of Chainsaw Man started its serialization on Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2018, written by Tatsuki Fujimoto. After being serialized for two year, the first story arc finished with the 11th volume in 2020. And, the next arc began on the online platform Shonen Jump+ from July 2022. There are 13 volumes in the entire series of the Chainsaw Man manga (the latest 13th volume published in January 2023). Now, you can read almost all volumes in English.

What chapter does the Chainsaw Man anime end on?

Finally, the anime series of Chainsaw Man was just released worldwide, and the first season was concluded with Episode 12 “Katana vs. Chainsaw” on December 27, 2022, which corresponds to the manga series from 5 Chapter 35 to 38.

<Chainsaw Map Anime/Manga Correspondence>

Episode 1 “Dog & Chainsaw”: Volume 1 Chapter 1
Episode 2 “Arrival in Tokyo”: From Volume 1 Chapter 2 to Volume 1 Chapter 5
Episode 3 “Meowy’s Whereabouts”: From Volume 1 Chapter 5 to Volume 2 Chapter 8
Episode 4 “Rescue”: From Volume 2 Chapter 9 to Volume 2 Chapter 11
Episode 5 “Gun Devil”: From Volume 2 Chapter 12 to Volume 2 Chapter 15
Episode 6 “Kill Denji”: From From Volume 2 Chapter 15 to Volume 3 Chapter 18
Episode 7 “Taste of a Kiss”: From From Volume 3 Chapter 18 to Volume 3 Chapter 21
Episode 8 “Gunfire”: From From Volume 3 Chapter 22 to Volume 3 Chapter 25
Episode 9 “From Kyoto”: From Volume 3 Chapter 25 to Volume 4 Chapter 28
Episode 10 “Bruised & Battered”: From Volume 4 Chapter 29 to Volume 4 Chapter 31
Episode 11 “Mission Start”: From Volume 4 Chapter 31 to Volume 5 Chapter 35
Episode 12 “Katana vs. Chainsaw”: From Volume 5 Chapter 35 to Volume 5 Chapter 38

To enjoy the following story after the Chainsaw Man anime series ends, let’s get Volume 5 of the Chainsaw Man manga series and proceed on reading from the middle of Chapter 38!

The upcoming second season of the anime series will enter a new episode featuring a new female character Reze, whose voice is heard in the end of the first season.

Chainsaw Man, Vol. 5
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 5△

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<Index of Volume 5>

Chapter 35: Minor
Chapter 36: Katana vs. Chainsaw
Chapter 37: Train, Head, Chainsaw
Chapter 38: Easy Revenge!
Chapter 39: Tearjerker
Chapter 40: Love, Flower, Chainsaw
Chapter 41: Before the Storm
Chapter 42: Teach Me How To Swim
Chapter 43: Jane Fell Asleep in the Church

For those who can’t wait until the anime’s next episode comes, it’s recommended to read up to Volume 11 since the first part Public Safety Arc is concluded with Volume 11 Chapter 97 “I, Love, Chainsaw”. Then, the next part High School Arc re-starts from Volume 12 Chapter 98 “Bird and War”.

Chainsaw Man, Vol. 5
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 5△
Chainsaw Man, Vol. 6
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 6△
Chainsaw Man, Vol. 7
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 7△
Chainsaw Man, Vol. 8
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 8△
Chainsaw Man, Vol. 9
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 9△
Chainsaw Man, Vol. 10
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 10△
Chainsaw Man, Vol. 11
△Chainsaw Man, Vol. 11△

Fully enjoy the Chainsaw Man world in both the manga and anime series!

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